For our third residency at ACANTEEN this October, we are opening our submission window until 19th May!

The Locked Room

Four intriguing one-act plays set in the confines of a locked room…

We are looking for four brand-new one-act plays, which bring a sense of dark intrigue and mystery to our theme The Locked Room.

What can happen when people find themselves locked in a room? Who are they, how did they come to be there and is there a purpose to their incarceration? Yet more intriguing do they (all) get out?

We’re after exceptional ideas that are well written, with memorable characters and a plot that will leave the audience and us spell-bound.

As our third residency will take place in October, we are particularly interested in pieces with a sense of the macabre or malevolence.

The Brief:

  • Plays must be approximately 30 minutes in length;
  • Plays must contain a maximum of 3 actors;
  • A table and up to four chairs are available as standard ‘set but our space is ‘black box’ and pieces must be capable of being performed with minimal furniture, set, props, costume changes etc.;

Important Note:

This is an unpaid developmental opportunity. No person, including the Directors, Actors, Writers etc will receive monies for this event. Any profit made by the company will go back into the company to fund future works and developmental opportunities.


 We recommend using Celtx or equivalent to write scripts so that they are produced in a standard format;

  • Submissions should be in either PDF or MS Word form.
  • A very approximate length for a 30-minute play is 23 pages

Submissions should be sent to madapplecollective@gmail.com by 9pm on 19th May 2017.