Children and Young Persons Playwriting Award

We are proud to introduce the Children and Young Persons Playwriting Award! 2019 is the inaugural year and we could not be more excited about this project!

The submission window closed on 28 April 2019, and we will reveal the winners of each category in early June! In August – at our showcase event – we will not only get to see the four winning pieces brought to life, but will learn which play has won our trophy award ‘Best Overall Play’!

The Categories

The categories into which all entries will be allocated are as follows:

Category One: 10yrs and Under

Category Two: 11yrs – 12yrs

Category Three: 13yrs – 15yrs

Category Four: 16yrs – 18yrs

The Awards

The following awards are available:

Best Play – Category One (Public performance + £20 prize money)

Best Play – Category Two (Public performance + £20 prize money)

Best Play – Category Three (Public performance + £30 prize money)

Best Play – Category Four (Public performance + £30 prize money)

Best Overall Play (Trophy Award)

The Best Overall Play will be selected from the winners of the four categories.