About Us

Mad Apple Collective was formed in 2013 when Creative Director Danny Segeth was approached by Chelmsford City Council to produce an event for The Fling Festival.

Since then, we’ve been working to produce new events and unique theatrical experiences. In 2013 our maiden theatre project, Beneath Still Waters was a massive success. The production saw the abandoned floor of an office block turned into a fully functioning theatre with licensed bar, box office, auditorium and backstage area. Between 2013 and today we have been re-creating our fantastic travelling venue, The Antiquarium, to produce unique evenings of ghost stories at venues such as The Secret Garden, High Chelmer Shopping Centre and Essex Police Museum. And while we’ve doing all of this, we’ve been running The Forum at The Fling Festival year after year.

Today we thrive by utilising our relationships with local venues such as The Two Brewers and Foyles to produce new events and tell new and exciting stories! We’re continually looking for new projects and new partners – it’s busy here at MAC Towers!

While we are a local company who rely heavily on a fleet of volunteer Directors and Actors, we have a bigger aim. Our aim, once the company is stable and well-equipped, is to ensure that no Writer, Actor or Director or other creative that works with us is unpaid, and we will commit to sharing some of the profits with our teams. That’s some way away still, but we’re working on getting there!

Who We Are


Danny has been working in performing arts for several years, and spent over 10 years working predominantly with Chelmsford Theatre Workshop (CTW). He is an experienced Director and Writer, and created Mad Apple Collective in 2013. In 2015 his play Walruses was produced at the Southwark Playhouse as part of a showcase of new writing.

laura hill (associate director)

Laura has been acting, writing and producing theatre and film for the best part of a decade as well as talking an awful lot about it. These activities have been acclaimed, sometimes even critically. Especially the talking. At varying times theatre has both taken over her life and provided a much needed creative lifeline. She has been very lucky to be afforded wonderful theatrical opportunities performing and directing at Chelmsford Theatre Workshop as well as writing and collaborating on two plays performed in the Michael Frayn space at Hampstead Theatre. She has also co-produced a lovely little web series.

ian willingham (associate director)

Ian is a local actor, writer and director with significant experience. He is dedicated to the cause of new writing and has been a champion for new writing for previous events at other companies and groups.